About Rhea Benson


Organic pinewood wedges set against clear laser-cut acrylic strikes a zen balance between nature and architecture. Constructed to be cutting-edge and minimal in form. These edgy leather-trimmed heels complete the look of modern feminine. Rich texture, clean cuts, and a minimal silhouette are the key design elements of this collection. Stepping out in these shoes is to be lifted upon platforms of sculptural art. I quote my friend who says: "It feels like doing the catwalk".


Rhea and Benson's strengths and abilities as shoe designers compliment each other and in a tumble of heels, wedges and pumps the two decided to collaborate to create the label Rhea Benson in 2011. Together they achieved a Yin-Yang balance between strong and soft influences, giving every masterpiece an androgynous being. Rhea Benson shoe collections are available in stores across South East Asia since 2012, and there is no slowing down to their worldwide recognition.


We believe there is no compromise in creating a pair of appealing shoes. Wearing unique and comfortable footwear is the signature of the modern woman - classy, confident and effortlessly beautiful.


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Rhea Benson is a rising brand in Southeast Asia. Its luxury collections combine fine quality and unique creations with a feeling of freedom and the spirit of independence. The use of carved wood and beautiful hand drawn traditional batik makes it unique and even more extravagant.

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